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Addiction is a common problem among many people in Canada these days. And as far as addiction is concerned, different kinds of addictive substances and drugs are commonly involved which usually include alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and many others. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding addiction, addiction treatment and recovery:

A: Overcoming alcohol addiction depends on the severity or degree of a person’s alcoholism. While there are people who are victorious with their aim to overcome their addiction, it is sad to know that there are also those who found it hard to do it, causing them to get back to their old vice after spending time, money and effort for their treatment and recovery.

Practically, there are five steps to follow so that you can overcome your alcohol addiction the safe and effective way possible.

  • Take the time to recognize that you have a problem
  • Do all the best that you can to avoid all temptations
  • Say goodbye to all your drinking buddies
  • Seek for a self-help group or a professional treatment
  • Be consistent and be proud of yourself

A: Marijuana addiction is one of the most common types of drug-related problems not only in Canada but in many countries as well. While marijuana is used by many sectors in curing certain illnesses, this kind of drug is banned in many parts of the country because of its addictive properties. The question is: how long will it take for a person to get himself treated from marijuana addiction?

The progress of a marijuana addict who is undergoing marijuana addiction treatment usually depends on the rate, level or degree of his addiction. Because of this, there is no predetermined length of treatment for marijuana addiction treatment. However, research has equivocally shown that good results are contingent on sufficient treatment length. For outpatient and residential treatment, less than ninety days of participation is of limited effectiveness and longer treatments are recommended for more positive outcomes.

A: Cocaine addiction is another drug-related problem in Canada these days and is next to marijuana in terms of popularity. When a person who is addicted to cocaine has decided to undergo cocaine treatment, how long will he have to wait for his complete treatment and recovery?

Individuals usually progress through drug addiction treatment (cocaine addiction treatment) at various rates. This means that there is no predetermined or accurate duration for a particular drug treatment. However, researchers are equivocal of their findings that good outcomes are commonly achieved with adequate treatment. Participating in a treatment program for less than 90 days is less effective while a treatment that significantly longer is recommended for achieving and maintaining positive results.

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